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IVF Thailand is working to deliver a solution to those seeking affordable IVF and fertility services. A Solution that involves lower-cost IVF coupled with a memorable vacation in Thailand. IVFThailand.com has partnerships with leading IVF clinics and hospitals in Bangkok. This means we can provide you with information about costs, timing and background on specific clinics and doctors – in English.

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Affordable IVF Services

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) lists the average price of an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle in the U.S. to be over $20,000 when medication is included. Thailand has gained renown for low cost fertility and IVF services. Its hospitals have internationally trained doctors, world-class credentials and state of the art technology. In this era of affordable travel and the Internet, globalized medicine has arrived. Thailand offers world class healthcare in a beautiful tropical setting at a fraction of the cost of the U.S. or Europe.

  • Thailand $8,000

  • U.S. $20,000+


Memorable Thailand Vacation

Our experience in one of Bangkok’s fertility clinics was a great experience, and was easy on our finances. The best part was that we received two bills — one at the start of treatment, and one at the end. We were pleased to see that it was very close to the estimate quoted to us before we started planning. There were no surprises except for the amazing vacation we enjoyed in the Land of Smiles.

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IVF Thailand

Low Cost Fertility Solutions and a Great Vacation

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We are committed to helping individuals create new life through low cost fertility and IVF services in Thailand. 

Fertility Options

If you’ve tried all natural options, maybe it’s time to consider conception through IVF or other fertility treatments.

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Thailand has gained recognition for all forms of specialized medicine including low cost fertility and IVF solutions.

While in Thailand

Medical Tourism a new form of travel. Providing individuals with the opportunity to conceive through IVF while on vacation in Thailand.